A Regional Conference On Agile Mindset, Practices And Continuous Improvements

By   September 28, 2018

Agile Vietnam Conference 2018 is Our Annual Conference which bring over 30 speakers and 400 participants in Agile Communities around the world together, sharing experience and best practices about Agile and Lean Practices and relevant software topics like Lean Software Development, Software Craftsmanship, Agile Product Development, High Performing Team and more.

Advantages of using Agile Software Development

By   August 10, 2017

From the verge of software development, many methods have been discovered by brilliant developers and programmers. These methods were updated time to time whenever a problem had occurred to find the solution. If not then new methods were created for the same purpose. Developers from all around the world practice these methods for software developing according to their preferences. Some of these methods have created a popular name among the developers because of the flexibility and usability. One of these methods is Agile software development.

People related to IT sectors are well known of this software development method. Still, people who are not familiar with this method, I am going to discuss it a little to make it more clear. Agile software development process is considered to be a highly disciplined process along with the transparency. It is a set of software development methodologies that is built upon iterative development. In this development process, requirement along with their solutions evolve as a result of collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams. In 2001, a group of brilliant software developers gathered to document the best way to develop software and the 12 terms of this unique approach was documented as the Agile Software Development Manifesto.

Agile software development has been recognized by many business companies for its fast and effective service. We all know that Belarus have been developing the best market for IT sectors and software developments. As a result, you will find the best agile software development community in Belarus for your company. Let’s talk about the reasons why you should use agile software development for your purposes. You may find the fact that agile development is seldom compared to the traditional approach of software development. The software is tested just before implementation and the process is done that once in the waterfall approach. But with agile software development process, software testing is done on a regular basis throughout the coding. Some of the advantages of agile software development are given below:

Productivity: In agile software development process, the work is divided into small parts between teams. This keeps the programmers from getting off-track. If any problem occurs, the solution is found quickly causing high productivity.

Clear communication: Agile development process allows a clearer communication system between the business partners of the software project. It requires daily communication for better bonding and cooperation within the teams that result into the clarity of the project.

High quality: As the process is done in smaller groups and teams, it is easier to check and resolve any problem that occurs. This leads to a better product as it contains fewer errors and higher quality.

These should be enough to encourage you to decide if agile software development is better for your company or not.